Our kit

We have a pretty cool array of kit available to us in the lab. This equipment is available to group members and, subject to availability and suitable training, to other groups.


Rheology is at the heart of much of what we do. Unsurprisingly, then, we have three rheometers at our disposal: Anton Paar Physica MCR101, Physica MCR301, and MCR302. The MCR302 is equipped with a modular light source and camera allowing imaging of samples during measurement.

We have recently been using cavitational rheology to probe properties of gels on a local scale. Our cavitational rheometer consists of a custom-built high-resolution manometer capable of logging pressure readings, an electronically controlled XYZ-gantry (an ex-RepRap Mendel 3D printer) for precise positioning of the needle, and a commercial syringe pump.


Group members have access to Agilent Cary 60 and ThermoScientific NanoDrop 2000c UV/vis spectrophotometers. A BioTek Epoch well plate reader is available for high-throughput UV/vis screening. An Agilent Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrometer and an Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer with ATR attachment complete the battery of spectroscopic tools in the Adams group.

pH measurement

Like rheology, pH measurement is integral to much of our work. The group have three Hanna Edge pH meters and three custom-built “pHlatfish” pH/temperature meters/loggers. The pHlatfishes allow recording of pH/temperature data over many days when required for long experiments. An assortment of compatible pH probes is available, as well as custom-build adapters which allow the usage of the digital Hanna probes with analogue pH-meters like the pHlatfish.


Nikon LV100 – details to be added.

3D-printing & electronics

Some of our work deals with 3D-printed and self-healing gels. We use a custom-modified RepRap Ormerod/Mk1 3D printer for this.

The group acquired a RepRap Ormerod/Mk2 3D printer in 2015. The printer has proven phenomenally useful for making custom-shaped parts/moulds/holders and any other bits and bobs for various experiments or uses in the lab. Furthermore, we have a small electronics workbench for the design/assembly/repair of various laboratory kit.


details to be added