Trip to Diamond Light Source

Simona and Emma made a trip down to Diamond to collect RheoSAXS data on their transient gel systems. Thanks to Andy the beamline scientist who helped us set everything up.


Simona presented her work

Simona presented her work on tuning the mechanical properties of transient hydrogel systems using small and large amplitude shear rheology at the Nordic rheology conference 2023 in Aarhus.

Laura joins us in the lab for 3 months

Laura has joined us in the lab for 3 months from the University of La Sapienza in Rome. She is looking into soft matter cleaning for cultural heritage. We hope she has a great time researching in Glasgow.

Here is the sample she is working on:

Fin presented his Masters project presentation

Fin presented his masters project presentation on Inducing Alignment of Micellar Structures in Transient Hydrogel Systems. He has now handed in this thesis and completed the viva meaning he has now finished his masters project. Fin has been in the lab for the last 6 months working with Simona and we all wish him the best with the future. Maybe we’ll see him back at some point.