The Group

The group at the Christmas dinner 2022. Left to right: Dave, Libby, Courtney, Libby, Simona, Tejaswini, Qingwen, Fin, Emma, Rui, Max, and Alex.

Professor Dave Adams

Dave Adams is a graduate of the University of Leeds. He carried out his PhD at the University of York working with Professor James Clark, before carrying out postdoctoral work at the Universities of York, Leeds, and Leicester. In 2004, he joined Unilever R&D, working the Corporate Research group. In 2008, he returned to academia at the University of Liverpool before joining the University of Glasgow in 2016. He is currently an EPSRC Research Fellow (Jan 2015-Dec 2019). His current research interests encompass many areas of soft matter materials chemistry including supramolecular polymers and gels, and self-assembled nanostructures.


PhD students

Project/Erasmus/summer/visiting students