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Professor Dave Adams

Dave Adams is a graduate of the University of Leeds. He carried out his PhD at the University of York working with Professor James Clark, before carrying out postdoctoral work at the Universities of York, Leeds, and Leicester. In 2004, he joined Unilever R&D, working the Corporate Research group. In 2008, he returned to academia at the University of Liverpool before joining the University of Glasgow in 2016. He is currently an EPSRC Research Fellow (Jan 2015-Dec 2019). His current research interests encompass many areas of soft matter materials chemistry including supramolecular polymers and gels, and self-assembled nanostructures.

Current Members


Bart Dietrich

After completing a first degree in music (jazz composition) at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Bart studied Chemistry at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, obtaining an MChem (1st class honours) and then a PhD in organic chemistry (Diels-Alder reactions of furan-diazenes). After a couple of postdocs at the UEA (synthesis of phthalocyanines then duocarmycin-analogues), he worked at Key Organics Ltd (Camelford, Cornwall) for over four years, synthesizing small heterocyclic building blocks for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as being part of a long-term in-house drug-discovery project which culminated in a patent. Following his employment with Key Organics, Bart moved to the University of Liverpool to work for Prof Dave Adams, initially on an industry-sponsored project into infrared polymerisation initiators. Following a move to the University of Glasgow, Bart still works for Prof Dave Adams, mainly on the synthesis of small-molecule gelators and developing the electronics for experimental analytical devices.

Kate McAulay

Kate graduated with an MSci degree in Chemistry in 2013 then when on to complete a PhD in 2017 at the University of Glasgow working under Prof. Justin Hargreaves. Her PhD focused on cobalt rhenium catalysts for ammonia synthesis and included performing in situ XAS-XRD experiments at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. Her MSci project involved modifying carbon surfaces with fuming acid treatments to invoke specific bond forming activities. Kate spent her industrial placement year at Huntsman PU in Belgium working on the derivatisation of polysaccharides with isocyanates for the use in adhesives. She then joined the Adams Group as a post doc in January 2018.

Santau Panja

Santanu Panja is originally from West Bengal, India. In 2009 he completed his B.Sc with Honours in Chemistry from Asutosh College, University of Calcutta. He then received an M.Sc. degree specialising in organic chemistry in 2011. After qualifying for the national eligibility test (NET) jointly conducted by UGC and CSIR, Govt. of India, successively in 2010 and 2011, he joined University of Kalyani to pursue doctoral research on supramolecular chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Kumaresh Ghosh. After completion of his Ph.D in 2017, Santanu joined the Université de Bordeaux as research associate (research adviser: Prof. Philippe Barthélémy). Presently, he is working at the University of Glasgow as a Newton Research Fellow under the mentorship of Prof. Dave Adams. His research interest covers the area of supramolecular chemistry, specifically gel chemistry.


PhD Students

Emily Cross

Emily graduated with an MChem in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool in 2016. During her degree she was a School of Chemistry representative for 3 years and, in the summer of 2015 worked as a R&D Chemist at Unilever. Here, she joined Dr Ian Tucker’s research group and explored the surface and solution properties of bio-surfactant mixtures. After Graduation, Emily secured a scholarship to work at the Australian institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in the University of Queensland. Here, she worked in Prof Andrew Whittaker/Idriss Blakey’s research groups developing nanostructured optical sensorsEmily joined the Adams group in 2014 while completing her 3rd/4th year degree research projects. She started her PhD in the group in 2016. Her research currently focuses on understanding the relationship between the self-assembly process & final properties of multicomponent supramolecular hydrogels. Emily is the current School of Chemistry PGR representative. She is funded by the University of Glasgow.

Ana Mari Fuentes-Caparrós

Ana Mari graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alicante in July 2015 with an EUR-ACE® certificate. In her last bachelor year, she spent three months working as an R & D for Deretil (pharmaceutical company that research, develop, manufacture and sell raw materials for beta-lactam antibiotics) in Spain. There she worked in the research obtaining extracts of natural origin in the agro-alimentary sector (Stevia). In October 2015 she coursed the Chemical Engineering Master in University of Granada (Spain) with a 6 months internship in the University of Liverpool where she worked in the synthesis of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) for stem cell tracking using MRI. In 2017 she joined the Adams group as a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her research is focused on the characterization of the fibril growth in self-assembled low molecular weight gelators. Ana is funded by the University of Glasgow.


Past Members


Reza Saberi Moghaddam

Laura Mears

Emily Draper (also carried out her PhD in the group)

Mike Barrow (joint with Matt Rosseinsky)

Ana Castilla

Alex Katsoulidis (joint with Matt Rosseinsky)

Jaclyn Raeburn  (also carried out her PhD in the group)

Lin Chen

PhD Students

Michael Nolan

Micky graduated with a MChem in Chemistry (with a year in Industry) from the University of York in 2014. During his year in industry he worked as an R&D chemist for Momentive Specialty Chemicals in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in a process chemistry team. There, he investigated and upscaled an alternative catalytic route for the synthesis of epichlorohydrin, a main component of epoxy resins. He then joined the Adams group in October 2014 as a PhD student and was attracted to the group by their use of a wide range of experimental techniques to characterise the hierarchical networks formed from self-assembled low molecular weight gelators. His research was  focused on understanding the relationship between the self-assembled structures and the photocatalytic properties of low molecular weight gelators. Micky was funded by the EPSRC via the University of Liverpool and was  a visiting postgraduate researcher at the University of Glasgow.

Matthew Wallace (joint with Jon Iggo)

Andre Zamith Cardoso

Ed Eden (joint with Andy Cooper)

Thanchanok Ratvijitvech (joint with Andy Cooper)

Anita Peacock (joint with Matt Rosseinsky)

Salmah Awhida

Andrea Laybourn (joint with Andy Cooper)

Project students, Erasmus Placements, and Summer Placements

Lewis Archibald

Elizabeth Johnston

Lisa Thompson

Ben Coles

Michael Scott

Virginia Martoz Munoz

Francisco De Paula Gomez Franco

Laura Gonzalez (joint with Emily Draper)

Maelle Loyer

Ana Mari Fuentes Caparros

Irene Ianez Rodriguez

Jaime Garcia Carrion

Judit De La Camara

Cristina Mendoza Cuenca

Ana Estefanía Álvarez Álvarez

Floriane Cuenca

Lilian Veysseyre

Doina Sirbu

Guillaume Pont

Steven Revel

Catherine Colquhoun

Helen Blundell

Jessica Smith

Josh Town

Mike Bingham

Jenna Thackray

Sam Ellis

Rowan Patel

Sam Sutton

Chris Hickling

Helen Ashmead

Andrew Moores

Ben Greeves

Chung Liu

Jeanne Kroeger

Jyoti Gupta (joint with Neil Berry)

Matt Fowlds

Emma King

Tom Davies

Jon Savory

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